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Mural Painting with Gabrielle at Washington Middle School

Gabrielle Abbott is painting a massive mural at Washington Middle School and is inviting community members to help! Calling all hands on deck get this 2,300 square foot of wall covered in color before July 31st.

No art experience necessary, the style is basically a giant coloring book. Gabrielle will show you exactly which color to put where. If you've never painted before, this is a great way to begin! If you are an experienced artist looking to learn about the process of painting a mural, this is a great opportunity for that too. No matter your experience, this will be a fun relaxed environment. 

Gabrielle will be on the site Monday-Friday July 9-26th and you are welcome to drop by by for as many hours as you'd like during painting times, which are 10AM-6PM. Stay tuned for a few late night painting sessions scheduled for those who work 9-5 but still want to help. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION: email Gabrielle Abbott at