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New Moon Ritual

New Moon in Aquarius © Gabrielle Abbott 2017

New Moon in Aquarius © Gabrielle Abbott 2017

January 27th 2017 brings us the new moon in Aquarius, which calls for visionary liberation. New moons are the time for inner reflection and quiet restoration. This simple journaling ritual can be repeated every month to help you stay in touch with the moon's energy.

Begin by calming your mind and creating a relaxing atmosphere. Light candles and anoint yourself with aromatherapy oil. I prefer silence, so I can hear myself think.

Journal: What did I let go of during the last moon cycle? What did I complete or put an end to? Write at least one page.

Journal: In what ways can I bring extra restoration into my life right during this new moon period? Perhaps less socializing, baths, a social media fast? Write at least one page.

Journal: What do I commit to growing during this new moon's cycle? What would it look like if I were to harness the waxing energy of this moon? Write at least one page.

Once you've finished journaling, close your eyes. Visualize what you hope to grow with as much specificity and detail as possible. 

Thank the moon for lending her energy to help us, and say "Amen" in the way that makes sense to you.