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Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon in Aquarius, Analog Collage © Gabrielle Abbott 2017

Full Moon in Aquarius, Analog Collage © Gabrielle Abbott 2017

February 10 brings us the full moon in Aquarius, and a lunar eclipse. Translation: wild, moon energy is off the charts. Full moons encourage our most dynamic presence, and biggest power. 

This simple journaling ritual can be repeated every month to help you stay in touch with the moon's energy.

Beginning by reviewing the intentions set during your New Moon Ritual. Then write at least one page for each of the following questions in your journal

1. Reflect on the progress of your new moon intentions. In the past few weeks, have you acted in alignment with those intentions?  What wisdom have you gained about your process and desires in the past few weeks? 

2. What have you accomplished since the last full moon? Make a list of as many accomplishments and achievements as you can think of. How can you reward yourself for those successes? Do you need a night of dancing? Some self-care? Time with friends? How can you bring the radiance of the full moon to those celebrations? 

3. As the moon enters its waning phase, what projects do you want to complete? What actions can you prioritize in order to do this? What do you want to say goodbye to? Based on your answer to the first question, can you let go of any habits that are getting in your way? Waning moons are the best time to release physical and mental clutter. 

Visualize yourself full of luminous, vibrating, singing, lunar energy. Close with the prayer that speaks to you. 

Amen, Abracadabra, Peace and Love,