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Join me here for musing on my creative process, latest art news, tutorials and other magic. The Brave Siren is anyone who commits to creativity and blows the whistle on injustice. The Brave Siren loves fiercely and radically. Art, spirituality and social justice are ONE. 


New Art: Needle Flame Pussyflower

"Needle Flame" Pussyflower, watercolor on paper 2017

The Needle Flame Pussyflower has both masculine and feminine anatomy (just like some women), and is considered a bisexual flower (also like some women). It is known for it’s fiery color and spicy scent.

When I saw this Protea at my local florist (shout out to Juniper Flowers) I knew that it would inspire my next pussyflower. This spunky, orange friend has so much personality! I had been wanting to create a flower that had more sass and less sweetness. I’m so pleased with how this one blossomed. Thank you to everyone who gave suggestions on instagram, and I’ve finally chosen a name for this spunky flower. “Needle Flame” is a combination of my two favorite submissions. 


 Happy Protea blossom in the studio

Happy Protea blossom in the studio