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Join me here for musing on my creative process, latest art news, tutorials and other magic. The Brave Siren is anyone who commits to creativity and blows the whistle on injustice. The Brave Siren loves fiercely and radically. Art, spirituality and social justice are ONE. 



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How to Dye Paper with Tea

Tea-dyeing gives paper a warm tone, similar to the look of aged paper. It is useful for creating faux-aging effects, and also makes a beautiful, natural background for drawings, watercolors and prints. 

I am using these dyed papers for a series of greeting cards based on my Pussyflower project.  I found that the natural white paper of my watercolors felt empty when produced as a printed card. With dyed paper,  I gave my paintings an antique feel, and created visual interest in the blank areas of the greeting cards.

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Pussyflowers at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival April 28-30

Seattle's biggest celebration of art and eroticism is in full swing for the 15th annual Seattle Erotic Art Festival.  You can buy my pussyflower T-shirts and prints at the festival store, along with lots of other great artwork which explores sexuality and arousal.

What's the  most important thing missing from sex education today? The fact that people have sex because it's pleasurable.

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